Saturday, September 03, 2011
Moved, as in shifting one's butt from one's seat to another

Not really. Aha~

I've moved to wordpress. Trying a new blogging site because I CAN. <-- Arrogance

I'll come back here once in a while, removing dusts and what not.

Have a nice day. Enjoy life and pet some puppies... or kittens.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011
BTS - Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
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Hey y'all! It's be a looooong time, literally. This blog is dusty and I need to clean it up some time. Anyway, I know I have a bunch of excuses for not blogging, but excuses are excuses, and that can't even make up for the time I ignored blogging for these past few months.

Speaking of which, I'm currently on holiday! But soon I'll take internship, which makes my palms sweaty. I'm not very good at interviews, because I get nervous and words inside my mind will jumble altogether. I hope I can do this well!

That aside, it's time for the BTS (Behind The Scenes) photos from the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi shoot with the Hii sisters, with Nana and Jacky! Most photos are already uploaded by Jiuan and Nana, so I don't really need to post them up again.

All members contributed a lot of stuff! The manga books, stuffed toys - big and small; files, papers, and basically most stationery items. Jes-su took the liberty to print some manga strips out and pin them onto the board. She also print out references and scenes she wanted us to capture. NOW that's hardwork!

Basically on that day, Nana and I arrived late. The Hii sisters and Jacky took care of setting the scene and arranging the props. Nana and I took care of the food. LOL. Yeah, we were that helpful (sarcasm).

Before I start, I'll take the liberty in introducing our roles here:
Me - Saikang warrior, make-up, food, equipments set-up
Nana - Photographer, Saikang warrior, make-up, food, equipment set-up
Jes-su - Cosplay as Takano Masamune, Props, scene set-up
Jiuan - Cosplay as Onodera Ritsu, Props, scene set-up
Ping - Saikang warrior, director, scene set-up
Ting - Saikang warrior, scene set-up
Jacky - Saikang warrior, Props, scene set-up

The above shot was when Jes-su had something very important to do and she needed to go online for a while. Jiuan had nothing to do while waiting so she adjusted her wig, and check her make up once in a while if it had smudged or not.

I just made that up. XD

Make-up mostly done by Nana. I just put on basics on Jes-su. And 'erased' her eyebrow. Oh you do not want to see her without eyebrows. Though, it is an epic moment that I will never forget. Haha!

"These are all the stuff we brought. Mostly."

There are certainly moments that Jes-su screw up most on specific scenes. But that's how we roll. We like screw-up moments. And OOC moments. :D

Jiuan was sweating bullets when we showed her the scene where she will be hit on the face by Takano a.k.a Jeslyno.

Oh so blissful, Jes- I mean, Takano.

So cool, like a Prince!

This scene was supposed to be Takano walking straight to Onodera, who is talking on the phone, and take the phone away and kiss him. It went well until this part. We all laughed when she turned to us and said that.

Jiuan jiuan jiuan. What happened to your usual 'Wtf-you-hit-me-imma-hit-you-back-tenfolds-you-b***h' attitude? XD

That's all for now! I can't wait for next shoot, God know when!

Also for EA Con! I'm starting to feel the nervousnessssss.

Until then, Ciao!

Current Pokemon team:

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Friday, April 22, 2011
Pokémon team
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My current Pokémon team:

And on the way to get this basta- I mean, Kyurem.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011
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I can has been back to doodling.

Yesterday I just finished the goddamn essay. Well, to be optimistic, at least we're not writing thesis... yet. :[

Anyway, Sem 2 is going to end soon. I can't wait for the holiday.

Sweet, sweet holiday.

Durrhurr. Until we meet again. I need to blog as fast as I can before I forget about it.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Hey March!
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Test try for Lukaaaaa. Being shameless here so throw bricks if you want. The wig belongs to Jes-su. It's the first time I applied two layers of eyelashes. I almost fell asleep because my eyes felt heavy. Hurr.

Sorry for being away for too long. Year 2's all about assignments and projects and food and more laughing and procrastination and fast-decision-making and trying new stuffs! Whew.

Many condolences to Japan. I hope they can recover both physically and spiritually! Pray for Japan!

I just finished two of my assignments. Then I thought, maybe I should blog something since Jes-su was complaining a few days ago about why I didn't update my little blog of mine.

Hmmm, to be honest, I've lost my touch in blogging. I don't know what to write these days. And most of the blog posts I made were about things I made or discovered. Maybe I should continue doing that.

Oh, yesterday I did a trial make-up for Jes-su's Azusa Kinose's cosplay!

I attempted to 'erase' her eyebrows because Azusa's eyebrows are arched upwards. Using the good ol' glue stick technique I learnt from Nana, I tried applying layers of glue on her eyebrow. The thing is, the glue was new, so when I thought I applied the glue, the glue did not apply itself. HAHA! Oh well. That's mistake number one.

Then, I drew the eyebrow with my dark-brown eyebrow liner. Yeah, it works like a charm. But in the pictures we can't really see the eyebrows. But it's okay~ I saw them. TEEHEEHEE.

Also, I tried using the double eyelid glue on her. It works alright, but not effectively. Maybe I should use the double eyelid tape instead. Mistake number two.

To make her lips look nude, I used the nude lipstick. Not so much 'cause it'll look very pale. Before that I applied lip balm because... her lips are dried. HAHA! And then we did the ritual of 'Ohm nom mom muah mom'.

(Oh my gahd. I'm so mean!)

I did not do shading on her face because I don't have the kit. I need to get myself those palettes one day! *shakes fist* Mistake number three would be the bottom eye-lining. The left eye was off a little. I need to note that. But overall it's alright! :D Jes-su was so cute cam-whoring. AWWWW!

Jes-su has been adapting to being put on make-ups by me and Nana, that she completely turned to the a professional make-up artistee. Okay, that was lame. Ignore that.

Speaking of Luka, I bought a Luka octopus!

It has magnets on all of its tentacles. So cute. It's kinda like a phone charm but this is WAAAAY to big for a phone charm, in my opinion. And it has a loop underneath (kinda like a belt loop) so you can use it as a headband!

I've got a lot of stuff to show~ But I didn't take photos of them yet, so...


I bought Pokemon White for my NDS! YES!

Big improvements and very enjoyable. I love the gameplay and the rotating camera view features. Of course I wouldn't miss the pokemon too! There's one that change its appearance depending on the seasons!

Like all other versions, I chose the Fire starter, Tepig (otherwise known as Pokabu in Japanese). I named it Pigster, 'cause you know... it's a... pig-like pokemon. Hey, don't be so racist.

There are so many pokemon I'm aiming to catch. AHH.

Oh, have you guys watched 'Sucker Punch'?

I'd say it's awesome. I like the timing and effect of the fight scenes. The soundtrack's awesome too.

Oh, gotta hit the bed soon.


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
(Late) 2011!
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First post of two-thousand-eleven! :D

Yeah, I've been procrastinating. Not a good way to start a new year though.

Well, I've got plenty of resolutions to fulfill. One of them would be actually selling buttons and badges. This resolution has been going on in my head for two years now. And finally I've determined this would be the year to do it!

Speaking of new year, Chinese New Year is coming soon, very soon. I went to get my hair perm this afternoon. It looks great! Although initially I wanted large waves, my hair right now looks good. :D Eh-heh. Thanks to Paige for bringing me to the saloon and Nana for the souvenirs + pants and pokemon. LOL.

Last few weeks Jes-su and I went to Paige's house to watch her play Fatal Frame II and III. I was too chicken to play, and if I do play, I would drop the F-bomb if a ghost just appeared out of no where.

まぁぁ… We dropped the F-bombs anyway.

On the side note, here's fat Mina:

I swear this cat is a camwhore. Haha!

And last last week Jes-su and I bought this:

I got hooked. What made this book interesting is the handwritten scribbles and notes left by Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, and also Hermione Granger. I still have some pages left. Now I wished magical beasts were real. OR ARE THEY?


Ah, so many things to do, so little time.

And I've been playing Starry☆Sky game series. I've finished Winter and Spring, now going for Summer. First heard this game from Jes-su, and like what she said, the graphics are nice, but if you're looking for first-view/personal day-to-day activities like Tokimeki Girl's Side (I broke my NDS catridge so I can't play anymore but luckily I finished it *thumbs up*!), then this is not that type.

But for me I'm quite okay with anything. Frankly I'm a sucker for good graphics and nice seiyuu's, so... Yeah. That pretty much explains everything I guess.


Time is precious, so live as happy as you can.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010
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You know you're addicted to PASWG when you do something like this.

Maybe it's just me.

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